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To build the talent and skills force in the country, we grant annual scholarships to students . In-House Multimedia College is committed to promoting corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Malaysia. Illustrative of this commitment, the college Scholarship Programme has been established to offer fee reductions or waivers for all the communities in Malaysia.

With this scholarships, students across the country are able to pursue their tertiary education and becoming a new generation of leaders. We are helping Malaysia’s future by providing the next generation the tools and resources they need to become successful citizens and professionals.

The Scholarship Scheme for bright and needy students operates under In-House Multimedia College. It reflects our college belief in an egalitarian and inclusive society, where adequate support is extended to those in need, and who definitely have the potential to excel in their field of study. In-House want to move closer to the aim of empowerment, which is to provide tools and opportunities to those in need so that they may achieve employability.

It is with this spirit that the Scholarship Scheme for bright and needy students has been set up. It is a known fact that education and training are the best means to move up the social ladder as well as break the vicious circle of poverty. Children from low income families have a tendency to stop schooling at a relatively early age, mainly because of lack of money to pursue further studies. Many of such children actually need to work to support their family. They are employed in lower paid and seasonal jobs, a situation that reinforces the vicious circle of poverty. Viewed on a national scale, our commitment to education goes in the direction of supporting the most precious resource that we have, our human capital.

With our Scholarship Scheme we aim to provide an opportunity to bright students from low-income households to pursue their studies so that they may aspire to a brighter future.